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Appeal to Novelty Fallacy (Example)

A professor is lecturing to his class.

Prof: "So you can see that a new and better morality is sweeping the nation. No longer are people with alternative lifestyles ashamed. No longer are people caught up in the outmoded moralities of the past."
Student: "Well, what about the ideas of the the great thinkers of the past? Don't they have some valid points?"
Prof: "A good question. The answer is that they had some valid points in their own, barbaric times. But those are old, mouldy moralities from a time long gone. Now is a time for new moralities. Progress and all that, you know."
Student: "So would you say that the new moralities are better because they are newer?"
Prof: "Exactly. Just as the dinosaurs died off to make way for new animals, the old ideas have to give way for the new ones. And just as humans are better than dinosaurs, thenew ideas are better than the old. So newer is literally better."
Student: "I see."


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